What to Do If You Find a Roof Leak

Roof leak


The indicators of a leaking roof—ceiling and wall stains, mold growth, and dripping water—should incite you into action. After all, discovering a structural leak during a storm or rainy season is a nightmare for homeowners. Yet moving your valuables to a dry place, capturing the leaking water, and contacting professionals for roof leak repair can help you counteract and contain adverse effects on your home.

Reston, VA, homeowners can contact Augustine Roofing for high-quality, reliable roof repair. Our team’s top-notch craftsmanship and industry expertise ensure your home stays dry and safe throughout the rainy season. Moreover, our property management options give folks who own commercial properties a go-to provider for their roofing needs. Act fast to fix your leaky roof: call (703) 281-7663 to speak with a roofing service professional today.

Below, we discuss how you can counteract a leak in your roof: 


1. Protect Your Valuables 

Time is of the essence after detecting a roof leak. Take prompt action by moving valuable furniture and other items away from the leak, which prevents irreparable water damage. Not only does excess moisture create a mildew smell—it can also ruin upholstery, wood furniture, and other belongings. Also, use a tarp or other waterproof material to cover flooring and any furniture you cannot move.

If your home and belongings are affected by water damage, document the damage as best as you can. While nobody wants to replace precious belongings, your homeowner’s insurance may cover the cost of the damaged items with sufficient proof.


2. Capture the Water

After clearing your valuables from the area, contain the leaking water. Buckets, bowls, and garbage cans are sufficient to collect the moisture but keep multiple empty containers ready to switch out before those in use overflow. Keep a towel handy to wipe up any spillover.

A leak can form a bubble in the ceiling’s plaster or other material when that material traps water. The strange sight may make you hesitant to act, but without relieving the swelling, that water could cause devastating damage to your ceiling. With a bucket underneath, gently poke a hole in the bulge’s apex. The bubble should drain once pierced, and you can collect water from that bubble and the leak that caused it.


3. Repair the Cause of the Leak


Call a professional roofing repair service while your buckets catch the excess water. Some homeowners believe they can DIY a roof repair, yet trained roofing professionals are better equipped to assess the damage and seal the leak.

Additionally, proper inspection can reveal other weak spots before they cause damage. For instance, clogged gutters and downspouts can also lead to leaks and flooding. The total roof leak repair costs rise as the severity and causes worsen, so seek a fast-acting professional. 


4. Schedule Regular Roof Maintenance

After sealing your leak, or even if one has not occurred, invest in preventive roof maintenance. Schedule seasonal checks, the most effective approach to prevent costly water damage. Replacing shingles, patching small holes, and inspecting gutters maintain the integrity of your roof. 

That said, if you’ve experienced a growing number of leaks or damaged shingles, consider a complete roof replacement. Professional roofers can determine the overall condition of your roof, but they may conclude that you will receive better value from a full-scale replacement than continued patches and repairs. 


Expert Roof Leak Repair Services in Reston, VA

Augustine Roofing’s trained and skilled professionals can diagnose and deliver roof leak repair for Reston, VA, homeowners. Our fast-acting team and high-quality roofing products ensure your home is ready to withstand any storm. Call (703) 281-7663 and speak to Augustine’s expert team about a free estimate for your leaking roof!


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