Signs Your Roof is Damaged & Needs Repairs

Damaged roofs can cost up to $7,000 to repair, yet the symptoms of roof damage can be elusive. Moreover, the longer a roof deteriorates, the higher the repair cost. Nevertheless, you can learn to identify the symptoms—including granule loss, damaged and missing shingles, and leaks—so you know to call a professional roofer for an inspection. Once you’ve had help identifying your roof’s ailments, schedule home roofing repairs.

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Below, we discuss signs of roof damage and the need for repair:


Granule Loss & Clogged Gutters

Most shingles have a sandpaper-like protective layer of granules. After prolonged exposure to the elements, these granules gradually loosen. So, check the ground surrounding your home from time to time. If your roof is shedding granules, it may be due for repair. 

A more distinct symptom of granule loss is clogged or leaking gutters. Rather than exiting through the downspout, rainwater will overflow the gutter system due to granules collecting therein. This overflow can cause significant damage to your home’s siding and foundations. In this case, you may need gutter screens or new gutters installed.


Damaged & Missing Shingles


Cracked, curled, or otherwise broken shingles are often the most noticeable signs of roof deterioration. Indeed, many such damages are apparent from the ground, unsightly blemishes that also provide an entryway for moisture.

Call professionals to replace missing shingles immediately to avoid significant structural problems, including water damage, wood rot, mold, mildew, or other issues. If just a few shingles are damaged, roofers can make spot repairs. However, widespread damage may entail a complete roof replacement.


Water Damage & Leaks

Ask your roofing contractor to examine your attic as well. Noticeable water damage and stains in your home’s interior may stem from this space, though less salient symptoms—those only a professional could identify—may be present.

Water damage is a common sign of roof damage and a prolonged leak. Leaky roofs can lead to more significant issues, including ruined insulation and wood structure failure. Thus, have your roof fixed as soon as possible.


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