Repairing vs. Replacing Your Roof

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Materials, installation quality, and weather conditions in your area determine your roof’s lifespan. If handled by a professional roofing company, your roof could last longer than 15 years without maintenance. Yet deciding whether you should repair or replace damaged or leaky roofing can be challenging. To determine the best course of action, have a roofing repairs company inspect your roof to ensure your roof lasts for decades. 

Augustine Roofing specializes in roof installation and repair, window and skylight installation, and more for homeowners in and around Arlington, VA. We tailor our services to meet homeowners’ needs, regardless of their level of experience or the type of home they own. For more information on Augustine’s roofing services, visit our website or call (703) 281-7663.

Below, we compare repairing and replacing roofing:


When to Repair a Roof

Choosing to repair or replace a roof presents a dilemma. You don’t want to spend money on a repair when your roof needs a total replacement, but without a professional’s help, you might feel unqualified to determine what’s best.

If your roof has suffered leaks and damages from storms, repair it immediately. Moreover, a repair may be sufficient for roofing with no more than a few scrapes (and no rotting framework or sheathing). Consider a replacement for extensive damage or well-worn roofs that have been through many storms. 

Additionally, a repair would make more sense for folks who live in an area not susceptible to large storms—hail storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Homeowners who live in regions of the country that experience more inclement weather typically have to replace their roofs as storm damage affects their long-term performance, appearance, and waterproof qualities.

Of course, consult with a roofing repair company to discuss roofing repair costs and other vital details before determining your course of action. Their years of experience allow them to determine whether a replacement or repair is necessary.


When to Replace a Roof

When was your current roof installed? Along with the type of roofing material used, the age of your roof is a good indicator of necessary services. One that shows signs of aging or has suffered multiple storms is a good candidate for replacement from a reliable roofing company. Replacing that old roof—rather than constantly repairing it—is a worthy investment whether or not you plan to stay in your current home for long. 


Roof Repair Process

If you choose to get your roof repaired, your roofing company will begin by inspecting your roof for any problems: damaged shingles, cracked flashing or vent booting, and more. They will identify the source of any apparent leaks, mapping out the entire wet area. They’ll then repair the suspected water entry or leak points.

Your contractor will use different approaches depending on the problem. For example, your contractor will replace damaged flashing, areas with worn sealant will be caulked or tarred, and damaged vent boots will be removed and replaced. If you have something more serious such as a damaged roof decking, your contractor will remove the underlayment and shingles, get rid of the rotten section, and replace everything on top.


Roof Replacement Process

You’ll be able to make advised decisions when hiring a roofing contractor if you understand the steps to roof replacement:

  • Remove all existing shingles: Your contractor will deposit them accordingly. They will also remove damaged or old flashing and drip edging. Your team will use tarps to protect the rest of your home and yard from debris and use magnetic tools to pick up nails and metal objects from the surrounding area.
  • Make repairs: Crews will carry out any significant repairs they feel the existing frame, shingles, and more require.
  • Install ice dam protection if needed: If you live in a colder area, your team can install an ice dam—a synthetic waterproof barrier—to prevent melting ice from backing up under the shingles and penetrating through the sheathing.
  • Lay down asphalt roofing paper over roof sheathing: This layer of roofing paper creates an inner barrier against water penetrating your home. The rows are overlapped and are usually tacked or stapled into place.
  • Apply metal drip edging: Professionals nail the metal drip edge over the roofing paper or ice guard around the roof’s edge and both the eave and gable sides.
  • Apply a new valley flashing or tab shingles: If necessary, a valley flashing is nailed to the roofing deck and sealed with caulk. Then, a professional will install tab shingles from the bottom up in areas where leaks might penetrate your home. The most vulnerable spots fall around the chimney, skylights, and stack vents.
  • Install the ridge vent: This is a continuous vent along the roof’s peak to help the air circulation in the attic space. It’s integral in exhausting hot air and preventing winter ice dams.

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