Commercial Roofers vs. Residential Roofers

Although putting shingles on a roof may seem transferable between property types, commercial roofs’ scale, complexity, and safety concerns make them a different ball game from residential roofs. While residential roofers are talented professionals, commercial roofers face unique challenges that require specialized knowledge, equipment, and safety protocols. Before hiring a contractor for your business’s roof repair or replacement, ensure they have the appropriate experience for the job. 

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Below, we discuss critical differences between residential and commercial roofers: 



Without proper training and familiarity with commercial roofing equipment, roofers cannot accurately repair a commercial roof. Their massive size and low-slope design necessitate specific equipment for safe and efficient work. Moreover, commercial buildings may reach several stories in height, which requires commercial roofers to operate cranes, lifts, and other construction equipment to shuttle materials and access hard-to-reach areas. 



Although all roof work demands strict safety standards, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces more rigid safety requirements on commercial roofing projects than on residential. 

Residential roofs have steep pitches that offer spots to grip the structure in case of a slip. However, a misstep on a flat commercial roof can easily lead to a long fall and fatal consequences. As a result, local commercial roofers must be trained in specific fall protection and safety equipment beyond what residential roofers are familiar with. 


Project Management 

Commercial roofing projects can be large and intricate, involving multiple teams of workers, subcontractors, and even architects or engineers. Scheduling and coordination between different crews demands attentive and collaborative project management. Compared to that, residential roofers often employ smaller crews for simpler projects, which may not demand managing logistics and communication in a large-scale commercial job. 


Building Codes

Finally, commercial roofers must adhere to building codes different from those of residential projects. Building codes ensure the safety and structural integrity of buildings based on their purpose. Unlike residential structures, commercial buildings need to support heavier weight loads due to larger HVAC equipment, maintenance foot traffic, and more. Commercial roofing companies must be familiar with specific building codes applicable to their projects to ensure they use the correct materials and construction methods. 


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