How to Determine if Your Roofer Did a Good Job


As a homeowner, you want only the best for your property, including a sturdy and durable roof. Yet roofing projects are significant investments, so you should ensure yours is done right. Whether you had a brand new roof installed or received roofing repairs, it’s essential to determine whether or not your hired roofing contractors did a good job. Ask critical questions and inspect the job site to ensure your roofer has followed best practices. Let’s discuss what a quality roofing job looks like and some steps you can take to ensure you receive the best.

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Below, we discuss how to identify a good roofing job:


Proper Installation Procedures

The foremost factor to consider when assessing your roofing job’s quality is its installation procedures. A careful process and a well-installed roof should be free of gaps, ridges, and sags. Check for visible valleys or lumps on the roof’s surface that could trap water and debris if left untreated. An appropriately installed roof will also have adequate flashing to prevent water leaks around skylights, roof valleys, and chimneys.

You can determine whether a roofer has quality-standard procedures by investigating their project process and warranties. A professional provider should be able to detail their approach to installations and offer a reasonable window for labor and material warranties.


High-Quality Materials

Another critical factor is the quality of the materials used for the roofing job. Competent roofing companies only use materials that meet and exceed industry standards. Indeed, you can ask your roofer about these quality markers and the organizations that provide them. The mark of quality ensures the materials meet all safety standards and are suitable for your home.


Adequate Ventilation

An unseen yet still crucial factor in roofing jobs is how they affect your home’s ventilation system. A well-installed roof should have adequate ventilation to ensure the free flow of air and the prevention of excessive moisture, mold, and heat buildup in the attic. Check if there are attic vents to ensure the air circulates and combats excess humidity build-up.


Proper Clean-Up


After a roofing job, the contractor should thoroughly clean the area to ensure they leave behind no signs of work. Check if the roofing crew has cleaned all the debris, nails, and shingle dust around your house. They should also conduct a magnetic sweep to pick up all the nails and metal debris that could harm your family or pets.


Attractive Appearance

The last step to determining if a roofing job is well-done is the roof’s appearance. Check for visible signs of damage and unmet needs, such as uneven or crooked shingles, sloppy patchwork, or uneven flashing. A solid, neat roof indicates structural integrity and enhances your home’s curb appeal. 


Look to the Premier Roofing Contractors in Ashburn, VA

Determining a good roofing job isn’t an extra step—it’s essential in establishing that your home is safe and protected. A quality roofing contractor, like Augustine Roofing, ensures your home can withstand the elements and last for generations. With decades of experience in the industry, the Augustine team is committed to delivering top-notch roofing services to our Ashburn, VA, customers, no matter how big or small the project may be. Get peace of mind surrounding your roof and call us at (703) 281-7663 for a roofing job done right.


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