The Benefits of Installing New Commercial Roofing

One of the best ways to protect your property is to upgrade your roof. Although roofing often goes unnoticed until a leak or mold appears, being proactive in its maintenance can provide incredible benefits. Contact a commercial roofing company to inspect and/or replace your new roof, and you may increase your property’s value, enhance its appearance, and improve its health and safety. 

Augustine Roofing offers efficient roof installation services and excellent products to people throughout Arlington, VA. Trust our highly-rated roof installation team to handle roof projects of all sizes. Whether you want cedar shake, clay tile, copper, or metal roofing, we can provide you with an estimate that suits your budget. Contact (703) 281-7663 to receive a free estimate on your roof installation project. 

Below, we discuss the benefits you can enjoy after replacing your roof:

  • Boosts Value
    The older a roof becomes, the greater the chance it leaks or causes other problems. This possibility undermines your property’s overall value. Consequently, a new roof can boost your property’s value. Indeed, a new roof can allow sellers to recover 60% of their roof installation costs.

  • Conserves Energy
    Americans spend approximately $40 billion every year on indoor air conditioning, and roofing plays a major role in those costs. It can boost your building’s energy efficiency by preventing indoor air from leaking out. Thus, installing a new roof helps decrease monthly energy costs, improves comfort, and reduces your team’s carbon footprint.

  • Enhances Appearance
    A new roof makes your property look top-notch for your customers. Indeed, Augustine’s versatile team can install a variety of roofing materials so that your building matches your ideal for it. We provide seamless, fast, and professional roof installations. Read our customer reviews to get a better idea of our work!

  • Improves Air Quality
    Roofing also helps prevent moisture and outdoor pollutants from penetrating your structure. Older roofs, conversely, are vulnerable to mold and mildew, which create hazardous environments. Thus, a roof replacement helps maintain the health of all who enter and leave your building.

  • Increases Safety
    Roof maintenance and replacement also protect everyone on the premises. Whereas moisture can penetrate aging roofs—weakening the wood and creating mold and rot—new, high-quality shingles can protect it. Augustine Roofing such roofing products and more.

Commercial Roofing Company Available in Arlington, VA

Your roof helps maintain the comfort and safety of people in your building, and Augustine Roofing is dedicated to keeping roofs of all shapes and sizes in great condition. Our commercial roofing company has served clients in the Arlington, VA, area for several decades and has an outstanding reputation on Consumers’ Checkbook. If your business needs property management support, allow our experienced roofing experts to help with fast roof repair, maintenance, and replacements.

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