What Questions Should You Ask a Roofing Contractor?

Water stains on your ceiling, curling shingles, and moss growth are all telltale signs your home needs a new roof. However, it can feel impossible to vet roofing contractors and find one that fits your needs, budget, and style. Yet, by inquiring about the materials they offer, insurance coverage, communication style, and more, you can sift through the thousands of options and find the perfect contractor for your home. 

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Below, we discuss how to hire a roofing contractor


Are They Insured? 

Your local roofing contractor should always carry insurance and inform you of your coverage before starting a project. Insurance is like a safety net, protecting you financially if an unfortunate accident happens during the project. 

Whether it’s a worker injury or property damage, proper insurance ensures the contractor (not you) shoulders the financial burden. Don’t underestimate the peace of mind that comes with protection—it’s the difference between a stress-free project and a financial nightmare.


Will They Perform a Thorough Roof Inspection? 

Before any repairs begin, a meticulous roof inspection is essential. Like an X-ray for your home, a competent roof inspection reveals hidden threats and informs targeted repairs, saving you money and headaches in the long run. 

Ideally, contractors certified by the National Roofing Contractors Association crawl into the attic, scrutinize the shingles, assess the flashing and ventilation, and check for hidden nasties like excess moisture or structural damage. This holistic approach reveals the true picture and allows roofers to craft a precise action plan. 


Will They Provide a Written Estimate? 

Receiving a written estimate from your roofing contractor is more than just securing a budget number; it’s a vital tool for self-protection and a smooth roof repair or replacement project. An estimation document confirms your agreement, outlining the scope of work, materials used, timeline, and (most importantly) the cost. 

Furthermore, a written estimate allows you to compare quotes from different contractors, make informed decisions about materials and upgrades, and avoid surprises when the final bill arrives. Most reliable contractors begin the sales process with a free estimate, further ensuring price transparency. 


How Will They Communicate During the Project? 

Clear communication ensures a collaborative and stress-free roofing experience. You should understand the project timeline, be up-to-date on progress updates, and have a designated point of contact for any questions or concerns. 

Moreover, early detection and swift responses are key to tackling unforeseen issues. Regular updates through phone calls, emails, or even project management apps keep you informed and involved, reducing anxiety and uncertainties.

What Materials Will They Recommend for Your Home?


Understanding your roofing materials matters for everything from curb appeal to budget, longevity, and energy savings. Different materials boast varying appearances, lifespans, and so on. Ask about your options so you can choose a roof that’s durable, efficient, and beautiful.

Augustine Roofing uses premium GAF shingles to secure your home investment. Our partnership with GAF allows for unbeatable workmanship warranties so you’re protected by the optimal coverage for your project. 


Licensed and Insured Roofing Contractors in Ashburn, VA!

Choosing a roofing contractor in Ashburn, VA, that meets your needs and preferences can feel difficult. However, by carefully inspecting their qualifications, partnerships, and estimates, you can find the perfect team for your project. At Augustine Roofing, our knowledgeable roofers have the expertise to bring you stunning and reliable results. Call (703) 281-7663 to schedule a free estimate on your next roofing job!


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