5 Reasons to Install Skylights in Your Home

A professional skylight installation can transform your home interior’s quality of life. The influx of natural light can boost occupants’ moods, cover the window’s installation costs, help maintain privacy, and more. Nevertheless, you must seek the services of a skilled, certified professional to handle the installation. A poorly orchestrated job can result in roof leaks, water damage, and an uncomfortable home interior.

The Augustine Roofing team offers outstanding skylight installation services for homeowners in Leesburg, VA. Thanks to our wealth of industry experience, we deliver excellent customer service alongside top-notch roofing products. Our certified roofers provide cost-effective solutions that enhance the peace and comfort of your home. Learn more about our team or schedule a service appointment by calling (703) 281-7663 or visiting our website!

Below, we outline why you should have a skylight installed in your home:


Skylights Buoy Moods

Adding a skylight to your home increases the amount of natural light within it, which decreases feelings of depression. Sunlight causes the human brain to release serotonin, a neurochemical that boosts mood and helps us focus. Simultaneously, “dark lighting” at night encourages the brain to release melatonin, which helps us sleep. More sleep and more sunlight thus improve one’s overall outlook.

The natural lighting from skylight installations can even ward off the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which affects individuals nationwide. Nevertheless, increased exposure to daylight can help combat this trend.


A Skylight Installation is Environmentally Sustainable

These days, we are all keenly aware of the need to create a cleaner environment and sustainable energy sources. Augustine Roofing thus installs Energy Star-approved skylight products from Velux, designed to prevent drafts and HVAC loss and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Furthermore, a skylight allows sunlight to warm a home’s interior. Even when the weather turns cold, flooding rooms with natural light reduces your reliance on fossil fuels for heating. When you call Augustine for a Velux skylight installation, you can feel good about doing your part for future generations.


Skylight Installations are Financially Sound Investments

Skylight installation costs can be challenging to quantify because—unlike remodeled kitchens or expensive bathrooms—they involve ample savings and benefits that quickly outweigh their expenses. For example, skylights help reduce utility bills because they warm rooms by letting in sunlight. They also make rooms comfortable and spacious, improving homes’ aesthetic appearance and “curbside appeal.” Plus, homeowners may be eligible to receive a solar-powered Velux skylight installation tax credit of up to 30%.


Skylights Increase Air Flow and Reduce Heat

Adding screened skylights that can open and close gives homeowners a practical resource for additional fresh air. Indeed, high-quality Velux skylights can be opened and closed by remote control. Cutting-edge skylights also come equipped with rain sensors that shut the window automatically.

Along with permitting fresh air to enter, opening skylights allows property owners to ventilate spaces during Virginia’s hot summers. This measure can be so effective that homeowners reduce their energy usage—mild days no longer call for powering up HVAC systems.


Skylights Help Maintain Privacy

Most homeowners must pull back drapes and open windows to get fresh air inside, which allows neighbors and passersby to see right into the residence. Yet by installing skylights, you won’t have to trade your privacy for fresh air and sunlight.


Turn to the Trusted Skylight Installation Experts in Leesburg, VA

Augustine Roofing’s expert team provides reliable and cost-effective skylight installations to Leesburg, VA, homeowners. We also offer roofing repair and replacement, siding, and gutter installations. Augustine prioritizes customer satisfaction with our work and products, so we hire experienced roofing professionals and feature cutting-edge products. If you are considering a skylight installation, visit our website or call (703) 281-7663 and learn more about our service options.


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