How to Boost Natural Lighting in Your Home

Sunlight delivers health benefits beyond heat and comfort. It also provides vitamin D, wards off depression, and improves sleep quality. So, homeowners stand to enjoy noticeable advantages by increasing the amount of sunshine they let into their homes. While incorporating bright wall colors and features helps, a professional skylight installation contactor can make the greatest difference of all.

Folks in Reston, VA, can turn to Augustine Roofing for such services, including Velux skylight installation. Our team employs knowledgeable and experienced hands for all our projects. Moreover, we aim to deliver outstanding customer service and top-notch products. To learn more about our roofing repair services, contact us at (703) 281-7663 or visit our website.

Below, we offer some recommendations for increasing the amount of natural light in your home:


Install Skylights

The single best method for allowing sunlight into your home is to install windows. However, wall-based windows admit sunshine for a mere few hours a day. If you want more than that, consider roof-based windows: skylights.

On the roof, skylights have far fewer obstructions than standard windows and so allow in light with greater consistency. Their position also permits sunlight to pass for several more hours a day than wall-based windows. Additionally, skylights come in several attractive models to match diverse interior designs.

The Augustine team generally recommends having skylights installed (and replaced) while roofing is repaired. This way, you can knock out both tasks at once and make the most out of the interruption to your household’s schedule.


Use White Paint

Skylights are a major interior modification that alters the atmosphere of a space. Yet minor modifications can also contribute natural light to a room.

For instance, painting walls and other surfaces white. Basic white paint reflects natural light, which can help illuminate and enlarge a room during the daytime. You can also use white paint on a house’s eaves to reflect sunlight into a house.

Furthermore, try incorporating gloss paints on interior surfaces. The term gloss refers to sheen or shininess, a quality that tends to reflect light and may even create a soft glow. Different paints come with different amounts of gloss, so you can control the degree of reflectiveness on your walls.


Incorporate Decorative Glass or Tiles

If you wish to change something besides—or in addition to—paint, try reflective decorations or tiles. Appropriate decorations include chandeliers, mirrors, glass features, and more. Use your imagination and add your style while making the room feel bigger and brighter.

Glass and glossy ceramic tiles also reflect a great deal of light. You might use either material for kitchen or bathroom backsplash, both of which are industry trends these days. For greater impact, try metallic backsplash tiles.

Finally, look around your space and consider how you can use its extant features to increase the amount of light present. For instance, try keeping window curtains open during the daytime. Likewise, can you move decorative mirrors from dark corners of the house to brighter spaces?


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