What Factors Should You Consider When Hiring a Gutter Installation Service?


Before hiring a contractor to do a gutter installation, there are several things to check for to ensure you’re working with a legitimate business, such as certifications, insurance, and highly-rated reviews online. Checking for these aspects means you’ll end up hiring the right people and  get a quality local gutter installation for your home. After all, being thorough has its rewards.


At Augustine Roofing, we proudly serve the residents in Sterling, VA, and across Northern Virginia. Along with detailed roofing maintenance and repair, we are among the top gutter installation companies in the area, providing high quality gutter systems and the qualified experts to install them at affordable rates. Your roof is the most important part of your house, and a set of effective gutters will help ensure it remains intact.


Below, we discuss the factors one should consider before hiring a particular gutter installation service:

  1. Reviews & References

Among the first things you should look at when considering a gutter installation service is their current track record among their customers. Thankfully, this is easy enough to do in two ways.


First, look up online reviews of the particular company you’re interested in. Previous customers will always be honest if a company has poorer than average service. If the company you’re looking at has a high number of great reviews, that should indicate to you that they’re a potential hire.


Second, in addition to online reviews, you can go directly to the company itself and ask for references. They can give you a number of previous customers to contact about the service they received, and they may even show you testimonies from previous customers.


Even better, some of the more social media savvy companies may even have an Instagram or Facebook with videos of their previous work. In the end, taking a closer look at both the reviews and references of the gutter installation companies you are thinking of hiring is among the best ways to find the right company for you.

  1. Certifications & Licenses

Another important factor that indicates a business’s legitimacy is whether they hold certifications and licenses from official industry organizations. This shows that their staff has been trained and are recognized as professionals in roofing and gutter installation.


You can easily find out this information by looking up your prospective gutter installation companies, or ask them directly over the phone. Companies that don’t have such certifications, or aren’t willing to openly give out that information on request are likely to provide low-quality services, usually at a lower rate.

  1. Insurance & Warranties

Another factor you should inquire from your potential gutter installation contractors is whether they have warranty policies for their services and on the products they provide, as well as whether they carry insurance.


First, knowing that they have warranties in place ensures that if anything about their work during and after their service displeases you, you have the right to have it fixed and even get your money back. A gutter installation company that has one is being both courteous to you and confident that their service will be just right the first time around.

Another assurance is if the company shows proof that they carry insurance coverage for both their employees and your property (i.e. liability insurance and worker’s compensation).


One ensures that if any part of your property is damaged during their service, they’ll be able to cover the cost of repairs; the other covers a worker’s medical bills and lost wages if they end up getting injured while working on your property.


If a company works on your property without carrying insurance, any damage that occurs won’t be covered, and you may be held liable if a worker is injured. In the end, a high-quality gutter installation company will have insurance coverage in order to make their services as hassle-free as possible for you and your property.

Augustine Roofing: Local Gutter Installation in Sterling VA

Those are the main factors that can help you decide on the right gutter installation service to work with. Moreover, while most gutter installers carry many specialties along with it, you should look for one that is specialized in roofing maintenance. That will ensure you have an excellent local gutter installation service in the end. We at Augustine Roofing are dedicated to ensuring the roof of every home in Sterling, VA and Northern Virginia remains strong and durable through the years. We provide affordable service with premium quality. Contact us today at (703) 281-7663 to learn more and schedule an appointment with one of the best gutter installation companies in VA.


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