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Cool Roof Coating in Arlington VA

Cool roof coatings are designed to keep your roof cool by reflecting sunlight or transmitting heat through radiation. These reflective or radiant barriers typically sit atop the waterproofing membrane and gravel ballast installed on all roofs. Cool roofs can also be made of materials that absorb less heat than conventional roofs, which helps lower energy costs associated with cooling the air in your home or business.

Cool roof coatings come in a variety of forms. They may be elastomeric membranes, polymer-modified asphalt, white cementitious coatings or solvent-based single-ply systems either clear or opaque in color.

Coatings are specially formulated for specific substrates under specific temperature conditions to provide reliable service life spans ranging from five to more than 40 years.

Cool roof coatings may be applied in one continuous layer, or multiple layers depending on the design and application. Cool roofs generally last longer and require less maintenance than conventional systems because they cool at a lower temperature and don’t degrade insulation below the roof decking like some traditional roofs can.

Cooler temperatures also mean reduced moisture content in aging shingles, wooden shakes, slate tiles and even metal roofs.

Cool roofs can also help lower energy costs because they’re cooler than traditional black asphalt roofs, which reduces energy loss on hot days due to the reduced demand on the air conditioning system. Cool roof coatings can also increase resale value on homes that feature them.

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