6 Copper/Metal Roofing Facts You Should Know

Did you know that the first-ever roofing materials were clay, stone, and thatch? We’ve come a long way since then, synthesizing reliable and long-lasting roofing materials. Indeed, two modern options stand out: copper and metal. Both are long-lasting, energy-efficient, and sustainable. They’ll also help your home stand out and prevent stress over maintaining your roof. A roofing installation professional can install said materials, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

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Below, we discuss 6 copper and metal roofing facts to bear in mind:


Works with a Variety of Architectural Styles

Copper works with a vast array of architectural styles, modern and old-fashioned. Its adaptable texture and appearance make it appealing to virtually any home. Additionally, you can find it used for rain gutters, wall cladding, vaults, and more design elements.

Speak with Augustine Roofing about copper if you’re struggling to find a roofing material that will suit your home’s unique appearance.


Weather Resistance

One of the best qualities a roofing material can possess is weather resistance. In this vein, copper excels: it grows stronger with age and, over time, oxidizes to form a green patina, protecting it from corrosion and natural elements. Moreover, homeowners with copper roofs need not worry about water leaks or severe damage to their homes. 

Send any questions or concerns about roofing materials to your local roof installation company. Its representatives can direct you to the best material and install it at an affordable price.



Lightweight materials work well as roofing because they place little stress on a structure’s foundation and support system. Despite what you may expect from metal, copper is relatively light and stresses a building less than other materials.

Moreover, since copper is so lightweight, it can save you money. The installation will require less labor than heavier materials yet still deliver long-term sustainability.


Energy Efficiency

Copper and metals are extremely energy efficient. The reason: metal roofing reflects sunlight, preventing rays from heating your home’s interior. Special coatings can provide additional protection! 

This effect reduces your energy bill and personal discomfort due to overheating. Researchers found a 45% decrease in heat flow within metal-roofed homes compared to those that used other materials. 

Low Maintenance

Every homeowner appreciates low-maintenance features, and metal roofs fit the bill. They need no major replacements or changes for up to 50 years. Minor resealing work can be handled by a roofing professional. Roofing metals are rust-proof, meaning homeowners need not worry about corrosion or other expensive maintenance.

Contact your local roofing specialist to help you determine if a metal is the best material for your latest project.



Homeowners are increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability in their homes, which has resulted in more eco-friendly roofing products. Metal, for instance,  is recyclable, and most metal roofs come from recycled products. A metal roof can mitigate your carbon footprint and integrate sustainable practices into your life.


Discover Affordable and Sustainable Roofing Installation Services in Sterling, VA

Whether you decide on copper or another metal roofing, both options are sustainable, energy-efficient, and worth the investment. When you call Augustine Roofing, you can rest assured that your roof is in great hands. Residents in Sterling, VA, can take advantage of our roofing installation services and more. Our team is highly skilled and capable of handling any roofing project. Contact us online or at (703) 281-7663 to learn more about our roofing services.


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