What Are the Benefits of Gutter Screens?

Gutters help protect your home from diverse water damage threats. But when they clog, they can no longer provide that protection. Thus, manufacturers produce gutter screens to prevent debris buildup, allow proper drainage, reduce ice dams, and minimize maintenance costs. You can reap these benefits by having them included in your next gutter installation and repair.


Augustine Roofing offers these installation services in South Riding, VA. We customize gutter and downspout solutions to fit the needs of every customer’s home. To deliver results that last, we use the latest products, including vinyl gutters with EZ Lock Gutter Screens. Contact us at (703) 281-7663 for a free estimate.


Below, we outline the benefits of gutter screens:

Prevent Debris Buildup

The primary purpose of gutter screens is to prevent debris buildup. Without screens, gutters are prone to collect leaves, branches, pine needles, and tree nuts that fall or blow into them.


Dry debris contributes to fire hazards and infestation. Sparks from nearby grills or bonfires can ignite dry gutter debris and damage your home. Moreover, wildlife—like squirrels, birds, and rodents—may inhabit foliage debris in your gutters. Their nests, burrowing, and movement can damage your gutters and create further buildup.

Proper Drainage

Gutter screens help your gutters fulfill their intended function: to direct water off your roof and away from your home. Clogged gutters can overflow and create puddles that can lead to foundation damage. Your basement may flood and develop expensive structural issues. Finally, mold and mildew can grow and create health risks in your home.

Reduce Ice Dams

During winter, blocked gutters form reservoirs of ice, known as ice dams, which bear weight on your gutters. Heavy ice dams, especially those that form icicles, can cause your gutters to expand or detach from your home. Moreover, they can cause water to seep under your shingles instead of draining properly.


Besides damaging gutters, shingles, and underlayment, ice dams themselves may fall. They are difficult to remove, and homeowners who attempt to do so may slip due to the icy conditions.

Minimize Maintenance Costs

You can minimize maintenance costs with gutter guards, as they keep your gutters clear of most debris. While regular gutters should be cleaned 2-4 times a year, those with screens only need cleaning every 2 years. Furthermore, gutter screens will help you save on the cost of repairs for damages listed above.

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Gutter installation in South Riding, VA

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