Insert Replacement vs. Full Frame Replacement Windows

Most homeowners are unaware of the difference between insert and full-frame window replacements. Thus, they fail to anticipate questions about this point. If you want a window replaced, do you know which option suits your needs? In addition to this determination, consider your window frame’s condition, the availability of window types, cost differences, and the result you want. Then, consult with a professional window installation service to make an informed decision on your window installation.


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Below, we differentiate between insert and full-frame window replacements as well as which aspects to consider when choosing between them:

Insert Replacement Windows

Composed of glass and mounting, insert replacement windows are installed within an extant window frame. Doing so preserves the trim and frame already in place, which can protect your interior design.

Full Frame Replacement Windows

In contrast, full-frame replacement windows consist of new glass and the associated window structures. Homebuilders use these models in new construction installations. A full-frame replacement requires an existing window structure to be removed—including the frame, sash, and head—to make way for the new one. 

What to Consider When Choosing Between Inserts & Full Frames

Keep several things to keep in mind when choosing a window replacement type:


  • Your existing window frame’s condition: Seek a professional’s opinion on your existing frame. If the original window frame is made of wood and appears rotten or in poor condition, you should opt for a full-frame replacement. 
  • The availability of window types: You should find a variety of window types—including picture, awning, casement, and single and double-hung windows—available in both full-frame and insert styles.

    If you want a particular window style, however, do some research or ask your window specialist whether your desired style comes as an insert. Augustine Roofing provides diverse window and skylight products to suit our clients’ needs. 
  • The difference in cost: Although insert replacements generally come cheaper than full-frame replacements, the latter offers increased structure and durability. These benefits justify the extra cost if your existing frame is damaged. 
  • The result: Finally, note that you may lose some field of view if you replace your window with an insert. The thin frame that holds the replacement window together becomes a frame within a frame.


We suggest you select the window you feel best about. If a simple insert replacement works for you, go with it. If you wish to replace the entire frame, opt for a full-frame replacement.

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