Why Should You Install Skylights on Your Roof?

Have you ever noticed how much natural lighting affects the mood and atmosphere of a given space? Opening up your roofing with skylights will rejuvenate your indoor space with natural light. You can reproduce these sensations in your home with a quality Velux skylight installation from a reputable roofing and skylight installation company.


Reach out to Augustine Roofing, the top roofing and window installation company in the Arlington, VA, area. Our team is among the best in providing excellent, efficient service in high-quality roofing, siding, and window products. We work with you to ensure that our efforts meet your needs and preferences, ensuring you receive a tailored service.


Below, we discuss a few reasons why you may want skylights installed on your roof:


  1. Source of Fresh Air & Effective Ventilation

One of the main reasons many homeowners have skylights installed is to allow more light and fresh air in. Whereas traditional windows permit airflow from a single direction, skylights allow a great deal of air in from several directions. Skylights also help regulate indoor temperatures, helping to keep your interiors naturally cool throughout the year.


  1. Natural Lighting = Natural Sleep

A Velux skylight installation will invite more sunlight into your home. Our circadian rhythms–the body’s internal clock for waking and sleeping–factor in here, as they are tied to the presence of natural light.


According to recent studies, our bodies tend to synchronize with the sunrise and sunset, particularly when we are most exposed to natural lighting conditions. Installing a skylight in your home can help adjust our sleep cycles to more natural conditions, ensuring better sleep.


We can also install remote-controlled shutters, sunscreens, or blackout blinds so you can choose how much light you want throughout the day.


  1. Greater Energy Efficiency

In addition to the extra features listed above, Augustine also provides the Velux ACTIVE skylight system. The system includes solar-powered automated blinds that connect online to live local weather forecasts. Its system intuitively blocks sunlight and heat on hot days and insulates against low temperatures on cold days.


This system helps to conserve energy by your heating or cooling through the use of artificial lighting. Skylights can help reduce your overall energy usage, thus saving you more overall.


  1. Increased Home Value

Additionally, skylights are a highly attractive element within a household, particularly when matched with a complementary interior design. A greater degree of attractiveness boosts your home’s curb appeal and value. Therefore, you should consider your skylights a major investment in addition to being a highly beneficial feature.

Augustine Roofing: Premium Velux Skylight Installation in Arlington, VA

Skylights are a bright, wonderful, and valuable addition to any home, so consider where you’d like to have more natural light—in your living room, your bedroom, or anywhere else within your home. Augustine Roofing can help you feel more comfortable at home with our top-quality Velux Skylight installation services. We provide them, as well as roofing replacement and window installation services in Arlington, VA, and throughout Northern Virginia. Our team is highly experienced and qualified to assist you with your roofing, siding, and window needs. Contact us at (703) 281-7663 to learn more and get a free estimate on our Velux skylight installations today!


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