4 Benefits of Installing a Skylight in Your Home

In pictures, skylights always look phenomenal. They seem to add illumination and warmth to every room and home in which they appear. Naturally, this effect raises a question: what could a skylight (or several) add to your home? If you employ a professional skylight installation contractor, the answer will include natural light, fresh air, open space, and more.

If you want the best skylight installation contractor in or around Sterling, VA, reach out to Augustine Roofing. In addition to skylight options, we offer high-quality roofing, siding installation and repairs, as well as gutter installation. Our team consists of fine craftsmen who seek to provide outstanding customer service. Their work occurs on schedule and on-budget. Call us now to schedule your appointment.

Below, we describe how installing a skylight can improve your household:

How a Skylight Can Benefit Your Home

  1. Adds natural light and heat to your home
    The greatest and most obvious benefit of skylights is the natural radiance and heat that they bring into your home. The light helps to dispel cold or darkness from “gloomy” rooms. While standard windows let in sunlight for part of the day, skylights can do so for a majority of it.Increased sunlight can improve your mood and boost your productivity. It also warms and lightens your space, which can make your home more energy efficient. Thus, this small investment may have major impacts.
  2. Lets in fresh air and improves ventilation
    Depending on the model you purchase, as well as its placement, your skylight may open like other windows. Outdoor air can then flow into your home and exchange the stagnant supply in your home. This ventilation can reduce a room’s “stuffiness” and may even help to cool a space.
  3. Increases your home’s value
    As we mentioned above, skylights can make spaces look brighter and more welcoming. Thus, they may improve your home’s value in the real estate market. Skylights also make an aesthetic change: additional sunlight may brighten the color and feel of a room. These effects make your home feel like a more welcoming space.
  4. Adds space to a room
    Finally, a skylight can help “open up” a room, creating the impression of more space. Of course, installing a window adds no physical space to a room. Nevertheless, this effect benefits your interior design and may also boost the value of your home.

The Advantages of Hiring Augustine Roofing

While a lot of contractors (and roofing-specific contractors) exist, Augustine Roofing’s services come with unique benefits. First, we install superior products into our customers’ homes. These include roof windows and skylights from the VELUX Group, one of the strongest brands in global building materials.

We also bring a well of expertise, training, and experience to every project. As past customers write online, our professional team provides clear explanations for all their project decisions. We want our customers to understand the work as well as we do.

Additionally, we provide a clear description of our products before purchase and installation. All our work comes with a service warranty, while our chosen shingles come with a product warranty. Finally, we keep you in the loop by offering online insights on storm damage and preparation.

Augustine Roofing: Skylight Installation Contractor Services in Sterling, VA

So, would you like to make your home a brighter and more comfortable place to live? Then reach out to Augustine Roofing, Northern Virginia’s first choice of professional skylight installation contractors. Along with skylights, we provide roofing and siding installation and repair as well as gutter installation across Sterling, VA. Enjoy our premier craftsmanship and excellent customer service: call us today at (703) 281-7663. Alternatively, fill out our online form and get a free quote!


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