9 Signs That Your Roof Needs Repairs

At first, roof care seems simple: it either works or it does not. But many roofing problems unfold slowly and may spring from diverse factors. Luckily, you can learn to recognize symptoms of disrepair and thereby prevent critical damages.

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To help you spot roofing damage, we describe a variety of indicators below:

Shingle Damage

To begin, we will consider the element comprising every roof’s outermost layer: shingles. Multiple types of shingles are on the market and each has benefits and drawbacks. However, we will focus on asphalt shingles since they are the most popular and affordable type nationwide.

Compared to metal and slate, asphalt shingles have the shortest lifespan. Although waterproof and resilient to hail and snow, they can degrade when temperatures fluctuate. The following kinds of damage indicate that your asphalt shingles should be replaced:

  1. Curled, cracked, or chipped appearance.
  2. A “dark and dirty” look, which usually means the shingles have soaked up moisture.
  3. The shedding of the shingles’ granules, which may accumulate in your home’s gutters.

Structural Damage

But evidence of roof damage may be found in more than just shingles. While it may appear externally, damage can also manifest inside your home. And the further in that water damage appears, the greater the need becomes to address it:

  1. Water damage around chimneys, vents, and pipes where moisture has seeped in. These are weaker points in your structure and you should check them thoroughly.
  2. Blistering or peeling paint, either inside or  outside your home, may signal either leaks or poor attic ventilation.
  3. Staining on walls and/or ceilings may lead back to a moisture issue in your attic (though water can seep in other places too).
  4. Sagging rafters or other structural pieces may be soaked with water. They will sag more noticeably as they become progressively heavier.

Other Signs

Finally, two other factors can signal that your roof is damaged:

  1. Water appearing in your attic may signal a leaky roof. But water can also come from poorly  installed flashing or an open vent.
  2. Higher energy bills may result from warm or cool air escaping through a leaky roof. However, air leaks may come from several places, so a house-wide inspection is called for.

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