The Best Time To Replace Your Roofing

Replacing your roof takes adequate planning, but most of the time, many people won’t realize they need to repair or replace their roof until there’s a leak or a shingle falls off. Getting a repair or replacement appointment on your calendar may take up to a few weeks depending on the weather and season. If you know the current condition of your roof and plan to replace it, scheduling a professional replacement sooner and during clear weather is highly recommended.

At Augustine Roofing, our local roofing company offers high-quality roofing services you can rely on at any time of the year. From repairs to replacements, we can ensure your residential or commercial roof looks aesthetically pleasing and lasts a long time.

While we understand emergencies happen, below we talk about which season is the best time to replace your roof and why.


Due to harsh winter weather conditions, many homeowners experience roof damage. Whether your roof is leaking or caving in, the spring season is often a time when roofing contractors are called in for emergencies. However, the spring season often calls for heavy rains, so expect your roofing replacement appointment to change during these conditions.

It’s important to consider that asphalt shingles also require a longer time to adhere compared to other roofing materials, as it requires proper thermal sealing in temperatures that are at least over 40° F.


Since the weather during the beginning of summer is often warm enough with not too many rain clouds in sight, it’s a great time to have your roof replaced! Roofing contractors are often in high demand around this time because it’s not too hot and the spring showers have subsided.

If your appointment is pushed later into the summer, keep in mind that extreme heat can affect a variety of factors, such as how well your contractor’s roofing equipment functions, time spent on replacement, as well as durability of your shingles.


With a simple search on the internet, summer and fall are the best times to have your roof replaced because of the stable weather and optimal temperatures outside. Some homeowners may be considering replacing their roofs in the fall because of this, as well as how the upcoming harsh winter weather conditions can take a toll on their existing roof.

The fall season offers ideal weather conditions and temperatures ranging from 40° F to 85° F with less chances of rainfall. Additionally, these preferred conditions allow roofing contractors to work more comfortably and efficiently without experiencing overheating.


Winter is not the best time to replace your roof because of the cold temperatures and wintry weather conditions. However, emergencies do happen, and it’s important to plan ahead as best as you can.

Since shingles require thermal sealing and aren’t able to adhere properly in temperatures below 40° F, sealing may take up to a few days or even weeks. Discuss with your local roofing company to determine what course of action you can take right away before your home experiences any further damage.

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