5 Ways To Preserve Your Roofing Against Rain

During the summer, folks in Virginia often take shelter from either muggy heat or lashing rainstorms. The summer months comprise Virginia’s  “rainy” season, during which many folks take their roofs for granted. But how often do you check the condition of your roof? Have you done so in the past six months?

If built stoutly and cared for routinely, a roof can last for 25 years. At Augustine Roofing, we provide our customers with both durable construction and upkeep insights. Our quality roofing service has won awards and a strong reputation throughout Northern Virginia. Both residential and commercial clients have trusted us to handle their roofing concerns.

Below, we discuss 5 ways to maintain your home’s roofing through years of heavy Virginia rain:

Six Month Check-Ups

You should try to inspect your roof’s condition every six months (we suggest during the spring and fall). Make a simple visual scan from the ground and take note of any damages. Notable issues include lifted or missing shingles, bent gutters, displaced flashing, and damaged drip edge.

Also, look closely at weak points: attic vents, chimneys, and weather stripping around windows and doors.

While weather stripping is not a roofing material, it plays an equal role in keeping your home sealed from the outdoors.

Cleaning and Trimming

After checking on your roof’s status, you should do routine upkeep for its well-being. Since gutters collect leaves and debris that prevent proper drainage, check and clean them out thoroughly.

Also, trees in your yard (or a neighbor’s) may grow their limbs over your roof. In order to avoid damage, you should have those limbs trimmed (and clean their debris off the roof too). Trees and tree limbs are a common cause of roof damage.

Ask for Professional Inspection and Repair

If you notice (even one of) the roofing problems outlined above, you should call Augustine Roofing promptly. This may save your home from widespread damage or yourself from the need to replace your roof.

One of our experts will inspect your roof’s shingles, flashing, and strength. Sometimes, leaks or pools of water may be fixed with caulk and/or new shingles. We also check roofing insulation, which helps to prevent moisture build-ups.

Augustine Roofing: Affordable Experts in Roof Installation and Care

Checking and cleaning your roof, trimming nearby branches, and calling for expert support or repair will help to preserve your home’s roof for more than twenty years. While these steps may consume some time, they provide peace of mind against those harsh Virginia summer storms. And, when the time comes, you know who to turn to for quality roofing service: Augustine Roofing, your local roof pros.

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